Experience the life and challenges in a favela outside of Fortaleza, Brazil.


A unique interactive VR-documentary about the slums in northern Brazil built on VR-plattform SceneThere. 

“If I didn’t have the dump, I’d have nothing” - this is the voice of one of the women from the Gereba favela in Brazil, where a whole economy has sprouted up around a landfill site on the edge of Fortaleza, northeastern Brazil. 

In June 2016, a Swedish/British VR film crew was invited to film for the first time in Gereba. The VR team used groundbreaking technology to map the favela in new ways to allow the viewer to walk around and independently explore the streets, yards and even inside people’s homes, schools and a ballet class. The VR film depicts the hardship of living in such conditions, and how the natural resources that once flowed and supported the community are now disappearing. Importantly, it also captures the spirit of the people, their resourcefulness and their hopes and dreams for their children. The film is set against a backdrop of rapid urbanization, with an increasing number of people living in slums. At the same time, the Sustainable Development Goals focus on creating liveable cities in 15 years. New media can play a pivotal role in connecting people around the globe. 

The film was premiered at UN's Habitat 3 Conference in Quito, and was also showed at NYTimes Energy For tomorrow in Paris in October 2016


Löyly: Helsinki's most iconic Sauna

Together with Architecture photography company Kuvio we created a virtual tour over Helsinki's most iconic sauna.  


VR for Real Estate


Using 360 videos for VR Tours adds a feeling of atmosphere to a place, and creates a strong sensation of presence. In this proof of concept video you'll see how we combine a drone-shot (or video) from the exact location where the flat will be built, together with high-resolution rendered images.

SceneThere's VR-player brings outstanding performance coupled with high resolution playback of video, and a user experience that does not require any learning at all.


Worlds first interactive Event Coverage in VR


Together with Connexion Insight and Innovation Skåne we created the worlds first interactive Virtual booth tour of SLUSH 2016. The focus was on Gaming and Health. 


A Virtual Tourist map of Malmö


The City of Malmö asked us to create a Virtual Model of the city during winter 2016.

 The result was showed on the world's leading travel trade show: ITB Berlin. 


A collaborative virtual artwork from Borderland 2016


The Borderland is a Nordic festival in the spirit of Burning Man. We wanted to create a participatory art-piece in VR. To do this we recorded every camp that wanted to join in using a 300€ Samsung Gear 360-camera. We then created a Virtual Model of the festival and inviting everyone to add their own poem / song / description on a place of their choosing. The result was demoed on Burner-dinners around the Nordic and is now live on the SceneThere platform.

The artwork will be on display as a "Time Travel Booth" at Borderland 2017


VR for Alfa Laval Factory


Beginning of 2017 we worked together with Alfa Laval to build a Virtual Model of one of their factories in Lund. The model is currently used to educate and increase the understanding internally.

This is a safe way of doing factory visits, and can save costs for travels. It can also a way to tell a story about a product...