For 360 Filmmakers

Do you have a 360 camera? Do you want to make interactive VR-storytelling, but don't have the skills to do VR-models. Then SceneThere is for you! SceneThere's solution automates the creation of interaction in 360-films. Use our Android-app to define how your Scenes are related to each other, and upload it to our cloud and publish it to Web or VR. 



Use a 360 camera to shoot a number of clips from different camera positions. Use our Companion app to record metadata while you are recording. If you have existing video-footage that you want to create interaction for that is also possible using the Companion app.

Our platform supports any 360 cameras such as Samsung Gear360, GoPro Omni, Insta360 Pro, Garmin or Kodak. 


Generate Experience

SceneThere's backed automagically generates the interactive experience based on your 360-video footage and the metadata from the companion app.



You can now choose to publish your world either on the web, or in VR. You can choose to publish it as a whitelabel app or have your experience appear in the SceneThere app for GearVR. 

The SceneThere viewer app is available in Oculus Store for GearVR here


The SceneThere Companion app is currently available for free as an  Alpha. If you want to join our Alpha tester program, please sign up in the form below:

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